Creating an Immersive Experience with LED Video Walls

Does your brand have a ‘wow factor’? Are you getting information to the right people at the right time? Are your customers engaged? To provide a resounding “yes!” to any of these questions you must be using audiovisual technology such as dvLED video walls in your business. 

What are dvLED Video Walls?

LED video walls are digital displays of high-resolution screens. LED walls can be custom-built to fit any space, shape, or size. The wall panels are controlled with a processor allowing an organization to control and update the display. For example, you can present one massive display for the viewer or different images anywhere across the canvas.

LED stands for light-emitting diode. It is a lighting technology that is highly efficient and widely used in multiple industries. Application ranges from households to industrial lighting. While the technology was developed in the 1960s it became widely popular in the 2000s and is expected to lead all light installations by 2035.  

Direct View LED video walls (commonly referred to as dvLED) are the latest audiovisual technology that has several advantages. Instead of being composed of multiple LCD TVs with thin bezels, a direct view LED wall is one large seamless image, meaning no bezels, no lines, just one large HD image. 

The combination of LED lights in video panels and the right processors results in companies sharing content in an exciting and innovative way. Some installations integrate audio as well as video to engage the audience. They can be installed indoors and outdoors and can even be curved for the ultimate immersive experience.

Where should I install a video wall?

Anywhere! The opportunities to use digital displays are endless and span across all industries. A trusted audio/video service provider can walk you through the design and installation process as well as the different styles and options. Some examples of current uses are listed below.

  • Offices

Companies can install video walls in the lobby to make a statement the moment someone enters the door. You can display logos, achievements, and company messaging for visitors and employees to see. Another common office use is in conference rooms and breakrooms. Digital displays are an opportunity for safety reminders, company performance, or news bulletins to be instantly shared with team members.

  • Schools

LED video walls in universities, colleges, and any educational facility can increase student engagement. Video walls can deliver information to the student body and enhance lecture halls, auditoriums, and sports events. Schools can showcase achievements and student artwork for example. And branding such as school logos or mottos can boost school spirit.

  • Healthcare

Video walls create a better experience for both patients and healthcare providers. Hospitals can install digital signage in the lobby, by elevator banks, and at the nurse’s station. Interactive displays can allow patients to check in, look at wait times, and gather information. Images can calm nerves and set the desired tone for a healthcare facility.

  • Retail

Digital marketing is extremely effective for retail stores. The competition to get consumer attention is high, and video walls are a great way to stand out. Window displays, and digital signs inside the store capture and keep a shopper’s attention. Immersive experiences such as touch screens and curved walls give customers an opportunity to engage with a brand or product.

Why install a video wall?

LED video walls take advertising, branding, and the delivery of information to the next level. We live in a fast-paced world where customers, employees, and students expect engaging information. When properly installed by a professional AV company, digital displays can elevate your business. Here are just some of the ways this technology can help you:

  • Create a memorable experience

Customers are inundated with information and can easily get bored or skip advertisements. An immersive experience is something a consumer can choose to participate in and share with their peers. Animated images, touch screens, and curved panels are just some of the ways your business can engage with an audience.

  • Boost sales

The purpose of advertising is ultimately to increase sales. An investment in digital displays that are catchy and grab a customer’s attention does exactly that. Effective marketing not only draws in customers, but it can make a purchasing experience more desirable. Using technology to engage consumers leads to brand loyalty and a positive impact on your bottom line.

  • Save on energy consumption

As LED lighting continues to grow in popularity, many studies have been done to prove its efficacy. The energy savings of this technology results in cost savings for your business. This is in part because LEDs give off very little heat and last much longer than other lighting options. Video panels that can easily be updated are much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than traditional print advertisements that must be thrown away once they are no longer used.

  • Effectively communicate

Most video wall installations come with software that allows you to update displays as needed. You can provide real-time information and pre-schedule the animation or images. With video walls, it’s easy for you to control the display – have one giant immersive experience, or different images across the screen. Whether sharing news with employees, presenting in an auditorium, or marketing in a mall – digital messaging is the most effective way to communicate in real-time.

Each business has a unique purpose and location for video walls. You may be surprised at the options available to you. From massive installations to small displays, this technology should not be overlooked.

Ready to install an LED video wall?

It’s important to find the right audio/video company to bring your vision to life. 

At High Country, our team wants to understand your needs so that you are highly satisfied with the results. There is a variety of equipment and software for video walls and we can walk you through the process of design and installation to ensure the right fit for your space.

The High Country team has been providing commercial AV service in the greater Denver area for over 15 years. We serve a range of industries including corporate, government, and educational organizations for a variety of audiovisual needs.

Our service portfolio includes local cities, schools, and large corporations as well as local retail stores that understand the benefit of video walls and digital displays.

Contact us today for a free consultation and to get your next AV project started.

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