We Help Colorado Organizations Create Audio-Visual Solutions That Minimize Technical Issues and Delight End Users.

Are you tired of dealing with AV issues like these?

Outdated or poorly designed systems are issue-ridden and inefficient.
Unresponsive AV support leaves you and your users frustrated.
Poor communication turns projects into change-order headaches.
Lack of transparency leads to black-box AV systems you can’t control.

When You Work With Us, Your Next AV Project Will Go the Way It Should.

Our AV process has been proven in mission-critical systems in major corporations and government facilities.

Here’s What Sets Us Apart.

You’ll get quick responses when you call.
We focus on customer service and efficient support. The bottom line is that when you work with us, you won’t be kept waiting for the support you need.

Your project will be fast and transparent.
Our detailed proposals and proactive communication keep projects running smoothly and ensure you’re always in the loop as much as you want to be.

You’ll get comprehensive documentation.
When systems are in place, we make sure you have device numbers, warranty info, source code – everything you need to have full visibility. We don’t deploy black boxes.

The end result is that you’ll be able to simplify your AV systems, standardize every room, and delight your end users – all while spending less time managing your AV.

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AV For Your Industry.

We provide AV integration services to Colorado organizations in the following spaces.


We deliver AV solutions for office buildings, warehouses, retail spaces, and other professional buildings.

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We help schools, colleges, and universities with cutting-edge AV that empowers students and teachers.

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We provide government facilities with the AV tools they need to delight users and enable efficient work.

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Solutions For Your Needs.

We have a wide range of solution capabilities. Whatever your AV needs, our experts will collaborate with you to create an ideal fit.


Our CTS Designer Certified Audio Systems deliver clean, crisp audio wherever you need it.

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Create stunning visuals. Get CTS Designer Certified Video Systems for displays, signage or security.

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Our Certified Network Systems bring everything together, keeping you connected and in control.

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"High Country Low Voltage has been excellent to work with on our very atypical site. Thanks, Jonathan!"

Matt Collins

"Jonathan is great to work with. He is willing to come in person or help over the phone, and always makes quick order of any repairs or requests for new equipment."

Megann Lohman

"Awesome work done professionally and on time. Very clean drops in my office with clear labeling. Would definitely hire them again."


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When you work with us, you’ll take the complexity out of AV, minimize issues, and save time. Get in touch with us today to take the first step.

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