The Colorado Health Foundation Audio Upgrade


High Country Low Voltage is thrilled to share our recent collaboration with the Colorado Health Foundation, where we undertook a significant project to enhance the audio infrastructure of their expansive divisible space. We understand the pivotal role clear and reliable audio plays in facilitating communication, and our dedicated team worked closely with the Colorado Health Foundation to implement a comprehensive upgrade. This portfolio item sheds light on the successful integration of cutting-edge audio technology to ensure an optimal audio experience in their frequently used divisible space.

Scope of Work

Our primary focus at High Country Low Voltage was to elevate the audio quality across the two rooms in the Colorado Health Foundation’s divisible space. The foundation of this upgrade involved a meticulous microphone enhancement, where we introduced Shure Microflex Wireless system. This wireless microphone solution not only delivers impeccable audio quality but also provides the flexibility required for dynamic and efficient communication within the large space.

To complement the microphone upgrade, we installed the powerful Qsys Core 610, a cutting-edge audio processing solution designed to meet the demands of modern audio systems. Operating seamlessly within the three-way divisible space, the Qsys Core 610 ensures optimal audio distribution, catering to both near and far ends of the space. This strategic implementation guarantees that the Colorado Health Foundation can host events, conferences, and meetings with confidence, knowing that their audio infrastructure is designed to meet the highest standards.

This transformative upgrade is a testament to our commitment to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the unique needs of our clients. High Country Low Voltage takes pride in the technical expertise employed to enhance the audio capabilities of the Colorado Health Foundation’s divisible space, contributing to the overall functionality and success of their events and gatherings.


In conclusion, High Country Low Voltage’s collaboration with the Colorado Health Foundation in upgrading their divisible space’s audio system marks a milestone in our commitment to providing top-tier audio solutions. The integration of Shure Microflex Wireless and Qsys Core 610 ensures that the Foundation can rely on excellent audio quality for both near and far ends, enhancing the overall experience in this frequently used space. We are proud to contribute to the success of the Colorado Health Foundation’s endeavors by providing a reliable and cutting-edge audio infrastructure that aligns with their commitment to excellence.

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