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We wield technology to help organizations innovate and host the best experiences possible.

For over 15 years, the local experts at High Country Low Voltage have served countless education, business and government establishments with one mission:

We wield technology to help organizations innovate and host the best experiences possible.

Whether we’re implementing video signage to win more customers for an international retailer or installing state-of-the-art audio/video systems in school auditoriums, our experts love to see technology transform and maximize a building’s potential.

Who we are.

We are a local team of dedicated engineers, designers, and technology installers. Based in Golden, Colorado, we serve the Front Range and High Country, showing up to each job ready to deliver and do what we love best – make technology improve lives.

Our intentional process ensures the highest quality which keeps customers coming back project after project. We don’t use contract labor. All of the work is done by a local team of experts that you know and trust.
Phase 1 – Goals & Needs Analysis
We listen closely to identify your unique needs, including your vision, budget, space and end users.

Phase 3 – Innovative Installation
Once approved, we finalize design and get to work. Our business is set up like a well-oiled machine, so the entire process goes smoothly on schedule and on budget.
Phase 2 – Plan & Proposal

After rigorous analysis and planning, we present our proposal and how we would proceed. If approved, the project begins.
Phase 4 – Follow Up & Warranty
Our experts train your team on how to use the technology. We stand behind our work with a 1-year workmanship warranty.

While our focus is technology
→ People come first.

We excel at what we call the 3Rs that truly set us apart.
We prioritize our clients and build long-term, human relationships. With a full-time staff committed to this work, our clients see and can connect with the same professionals through each project. We want you to consider us your extended team.

We are local support—on call for fast response—ready to help whenever you need us. Count on us as the go-to team you know and trust.
Superior communication is key. With every project, you get project reports with pictures so you can see exactly what has been done.

Meet the founder, Jonathan.

As the founder of High Country Low Voltage, I am proud to lead a team of incredible, innovative experts. Across nearly 20 years in this industry, my mission is to bring my experience and love of technology to brands who find words like “wiring”, “fiber”, and “70V audio” stressful. 

I see, time and time again, how: 

  • We can automate a building to run like a clock, creating an amazing guest experience with little effort from the staff 

  • The right design and acoustics take an experience from “okay” to incredible

  • Strategic visuals make a building really wow those who enter

  • Cameras make an important difference in safety and protection

With a lifelong calling to audio, design and problem solving, even as a child working on engines, I am here to commit to every project and vouch for each team member – 100%.

Once staff members join, they stay.

We focus on our employees as much as our clients. With a focus on high-quality pay and benefits, as well as continuing education to ensure we all have the resources to complete each project in an excellent fashion, once people join our team – they are here for a long while. 

If interested in joining our staff or learning about new opportunities, contact us here.

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