Burberry Denver Audio Upgrade


High Country Low Voltage (HCLV) collaborated closely with the prestigious fashion brand Burberry and Stingray to deliver an innovative and immersive background audio system for Burberry’s new store located at the Cherry Creek Mall. This project represented a harmonious blend of technology and design, with a focus on providing Burberry customers with a unique and elevated shopping experience.

Scope of Work

At the heart of this project was the deployment of a cutting-edge speaker design by Sonance, specifically the Invisible series. HCLV’s team meticulously planned and executed the installation of these revolutionary speakers. What sets the Invisible series apart is its discreet and integrated approach to audio delivery. The speakers are expertly installed before drywall is applied, and then seamlessly mudded into the ceiling. This design ensures that the speakers are entirely hidden from view, allowing the audio to emanate from an imperceptible source.

The attention to detail in this installation extended to the post-drywall phase. HCLV returned to the site to install invisible grills and fine-tune the audio system to perfection. This meticulous calibration process ensured that the audio quality met the highest standards and seamlessly integrated with the store’s interior design. The result is a background audio system that not only delivers high-quality sound but also complements the aesthetic and ambiance of the Burberry store.

The collaboration between HCLV, Burberry, and Stingray exemplifies the fusion of technology and luxury. The Invisible series speakers provided the ideal solution for a high-end retail environment like Burberry, where every detail matters. Customers now experience an immersive and sonically pleasing atmosphere while shopping, enhancing their overall interaction with the brand.

HCLV’s commitment to excellence and technical proficiency was evident throughout every stage of this project, from concept and installation to fine-tuning and optimization. The result is a showcase of how innovative audio technology can seamlessly integrate with sophisticated interior design, elevating the shopping experience to new heights.


Our collaboration with Burberry at the Cherry Creek Mall underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional solutions that enhance the ambiance and functionality of retail spaces. The Invisible series speaker installation is a testament to our passion for innovation and our commitment to providing immersive, high-quality audio experiences. HCLV is proud to have contributed to the creation of an audio environment that aligns seamlessly with Burberry’s brand and sets a new standard for luxury retail.

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