Adams County Government Center AV System Upgrade 


High Country Low Voltage (HCLV) undertook a comprehensive collaboration with Adams County to revolutionize the audiovisual system in their Public Hearing Room. The project aimed at not only upgrading the existing infrastructure but also enhancing the capabilities to create a dynamic environment that accommodates both in-person and virtual meetings seamlessly. This detailed project showcases HCLV’s expertise in crafting advanced AV solutions tailored to the specific needs of governmental meeting spaces.

Scope of Work

The scope of the project encompassed a full redesign of the AV system, incorporating cutting-edge technologies to elevate the meeting experience. One of the key enhancements was the integration of new 4K AV over IP endpoints, providing unparalleled visual clarity for both in-person attendees and virtual participants. This upgrade ensures that every detail, whether it’s a presentation slide or a participant on a virtual call, is conveyed with precision and clarity.

The implementation of Qsys Control added a layer of sophistication to the system, offering intuitive control over various audiovisual components. This allows seamless management of audio levels, video sources, and other functionalities, empowering meeting organizers to orchestrate the proceedings with ease. The Qsys Control system is designed to enhance the overall user experience, making the operation of the AV setup straightforward and efficient.

To bolster the virtual meeting capabilities, the project included TriCaster broadcasting upgrades. TriCaster serves as the backbone for live production and streaming, ensuring that virtual attendees receive a broadcast-quality experience. The upgraded broadcasting capabilities enable Adams County to extend their reach, facilitating inclusive and engaging virtual participation in public hearings.

The project didn’t stop at hardware upgrades. HCLV meticulously addressed acoustics, lighting, and overall room design to create an environment conducive to effective communication. The result is a well-balanced and technologically advanced Public Hearing Room that caters to the diverse needs of modern governance.


In conclusion, the collaboration between High Country Low Voltage and Adams County for the redesign of the Public Hearing Room’s AV system represents a significant milestone in the evolution of government meeting spaces. The incorporation of 4K AV over IP endpoints, Qsys Control, TriCaster broadcasting upgrades, and the holistic approach to room design reflects HCLV’s commitment to delivering comprehensive and tailored solutions. The upgraded Public Hearing Room not only meets the immediate needs of Adams County but positions them at the forefront of technological innovation, ensuring a high-quality audiovisual experience for both in-person and virtual participants in their public hearings. HCLV takes pride in contributing to the seamless and efficient operation of Adams County’s civic processes through innovative AV solutions.

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