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Delivering Innovative Technology

At High Country Low Voltage, we are dedicated to delivering the most innovative, efficient AV technology solutions to education providers, businesses and government agencies. We simplify every step of the AV installation process, so you can breathe easy knowing the project is being handled with integrity, on time and on budget.

We want people in your building to be wowed by the visuals and have the most flawless audio experience possible.

Technology Solutions For Your Needs.

We have a wide range of solution capabilities. Whatever your AV needs, our experts will collaborate with you to create an ideal fit.
From conference rooms to auditoriums, we bring clarity and impact to your presentations and communications.
Ensure seamless connectivity with our specialized cabling services. From data to power, our certified technicians lay the groundwork for your organization's digital infrastructure.
Protect your assets and ensure peace of mind with our advanced security solutions. From surveillance cameras to access control systems, we've got your safety covered.

Sectors We Serve - Serving

We provide AV integration services to Colorado organizations in the following spaces.

The highest-quality audio.

Ready for concert-status sound that keeps listeners focused on the experience – not static or screeching feedback? We have your back.

Get the best, with CTS Designer Certified Audio Systems.

Our team has a specialization in audio innovation. We are highly experienced in:

To make sure the room doesn’t have that “awkward quiet” or microphone that has to be adjusted non-stop, book your consultation.

Public Address Systems
Amplify announcements and communications with our robust public address systems, ensuring clarity and reach across large spaces.
Background Audio
Set the ambiance with our background audio solutions, perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere in commercial and leisure spaces.
Foreground Audio
Capture attention with our foreground audio systems, designed for presentations, performances, and events where sound takes center stage.
Courtroom Microphone
Ensure every statement is heard clearly with our specialized courtroom microphone systems, tailored for legal proceedings.
Sound Masking
Preserve privacy and reduce distractions with our soundmasking solutions, ideal for open offices and shared spaces.
Audio Recording
Capture, store, and replay audio with precision using our advanced audio recording solutions, perfect for meetings, interviews, and more.

Video that draws visitors in.

Engage people with videos that work smoothly, easily and vividly. After installation, our training makes it easy for any member to run them. With different levels of access, choose what members get what level of user control.

We provide the visuals you need.

Our main niches include engineering, designing and implementing:

  • Digital Signage
  • Menu Boards
  • Video Walls
  • IP Video Cameras
  • Video Conferencing
  • Presentation Video
  • Distance Learning Systems
  • Video Recording and Analytics
3x3 LCD Video Wall
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3x3 LCD Video Wall Side View
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Storefront Digital Signage
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3x3 Storefront Video Wall
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NEC Video Wall
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3x4 LCD Video Wall Side View
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Direct View LED Video Wall
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Direct View LED Video Wall Side View
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Direct View
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Direct View LED Video Wall Rear View
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Direct View 3mm LED Video Wall
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Cat6 Patch Panel
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IP PTZ Camera
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Pendant Speaker and Camera
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Network Switches in Rack
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IP Video Cameras
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Audio/Video Distribution Rack
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Focus on conversations, not getting connected.

You want WiFi and Conferencing that makes it simple to connect, converse and make decisions. Your focus should be on those discussions, not getting the connection itself set up. That’s where we come in.

We use RCDD Certified Network Systems to get you set up.

Brought to you by the WPE Lab, our experts have spent years smoothly engineering and executing the following:
  • WiFi Design and Installation
  • Structured Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Connectivity Equipment

Additional services include

DAS/In Building Cellular Signal Boosting
Enhance cellular connectivity indoors with our Distributed Antenna Systems, ensuring consistent signal strength throughout your facility.
CCTV/Security Cameras
Monitor and secure your premises with our advanced CCTV solutions, providing real-time surveillance and clear footage for peace of mind.
Digital Wayfinding
Guide visitors effortlessly with our digital wayfinding solutions, offering intuitive navigation for large complexes and facilities.
LED Video Walls
Showcase content on a grand scale with our LED video walls, delivering vibrant visuals and dynamic displays for events and presentations.
ZoomRoom Installation
Facilitate seamless virtual meetings with our expert ZoomRoom installations, ensuring optimal setup for clear communication.
TeamRoom Installation
Boost collaboration with our TeamRoom installations, creating dedicated spaces for teams to connect and brainstorm effectively.
Hyflex Learning Environments
Empower educators and students with our Hyflex learning solutions, blending in-person and remote teaching for a flexible learning experience.
Hyflex Learning Environments
Empower educators and students with our Hyflex learning solutions, blending in-person and remote teaching for a flexible learning experience.
Network Cabling
Establish a reliable foundation for your digital operations with our network cabling services, ensuring fast and stable connectivity.
Building Automation
Optimize building operations with our automation solutions, integrating systems for energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience.

Struggling with your Audio, Video, and Network Systems?

Struggling with your Audio, Video, and Network Systems?
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