3 AV Solutions to Make Your Business Stand Out

Business landscapes are evolving and there are always new ways to interact with customers. Employees need a comfortable work environment that supports their success. And customers have high expectations when it comes to technology.

We all want to feel welcome and informed in a business setting, but how can your company stand out from the rest? It’s easy to get overwhelmed when considering what technology your business needs. 

Here are 3 audio/video solutions every business should consider:

1. A state-of-the-art conference room

Whether strategizing with coworkers or interacting with clients, every business should have a space for meetings. Remote participation is more and more common, which means reliable technology is critical to the success of the gathering. Nothing can ruin a conference quite like poor audio, dropped video connections, or screeching feedback. 

A stand-out conference room should include the following:

  • Unseen or aesthetically pleasing speakers and microphones
  • HD Video cameras with AI to properly frame the participants in the room
  • Large vivid display screens to display content and the far end callers clearly
  • Scheduling panels to allow for easy access to room availability
  • User Interface that is easy to use

When selecting the right technology for a conference room you need to consider the physical space and the purpose of the room. Is it a small room where participants sit around a compact table or a large space with people walking around? Does the room have carpet, curtains, high ceilings, or concrete floors? These factors will influence the number of microphones and speakers you need and their location. 

While studies show that audio quality is the most critical part of a meeting, the video experience still has a significant impact. Consider the visual cues you can see when connecting with a person as well as the images or presentations that support your discussion. Investing in large format display screens or multiple monitors sets your business up for success. 

Professional installation means you don’t have to worry about dangling wires or unsightly microphones on tables. Your employees and customers should be impressed by your conference rooms and not stressed out. A local AV company can ensure that you get that professional look, ease of operation, and ongoing support to make your business meetings stand out from the rest.

2. Digital Signage

Marketing material, branding, and messaging set the tone for your business. Once you’ve spent the time to define your brand it’s imperative that the information reaches customers and employees. Traditional print signage is costly, hard to manage, and wasteful. Companies can reduce their carbon footprint by replacing paper and ink with digital signage in countless ways. 

Some effective uses of digital signage include:

  • Brand marketing in high-traffic areas. Vibrant signage in the lobby of your business creates a lasting first impression and promotes brand recognition. Targeted messages displayed in store windows or showroom floors encourage impulse purchases, boost sales, and improve the customer experience. Plus, this messaging can be updated quickly since you can make changes on the fly as needed.
  • Performance metrics. Highly visible KPIs encourage your team and keeps everyone motivated to do their best. Every department tracks metrics whether it’s to boost healthy competition among the sales team or to measure the success of media campaigns. Displaying goals and progress is an essential part of managing a winning team. 
  • Internal business communication. Digital signage inside an office increases employee productivity, efficiency, and safety.  Streamline office tasks by displaying company updates in a clear manner. Everything from safety reminders to meeting room availability can and should be on a digital sign.

The options for digital signage are endless, but proper installation will determine the impact it has on your business. Ensure the AV company you work with has relevant experience and understands your end goal before making the investment.

3. Sound Masking

Efficient and productive employees are what make a business tick. Offices are designed for collaboration, but employees also need quiet space to concentrate. Sound masking is a technology that reduces noise distractions. This helps workers focus and provides more privacy when having sensitive conversations.

According to scientific studies of work environments the two qualities with the strongest impact on performance are:

  1. Distraction-free work and,
  2. Interaction with colleagues.

The challenge is to support both qualities in one work environment which is why sound masking is so effective. An ambient noise makes conversations on the other side of the room fade into the background. This means that employees can focus on their work, or on close interactions.

When properly installed, sound masking devices create a comfortable work environment.  This technology is not the same as white noise. The sound is specifically engineered to be pleasant to the human ear and makes distracting noises less noticeable. An office that supports employee performance means higher retention rates and a positive impact on the bottom line.

The right audiovisual technology elevates your organization for employees and customers.

Your business needs to effectively communicate with clients, customers, and employees. Reliable technology in the work environment gives you an advantage over competitors. Quality equipment and proper installation have a major impact on the day-to-day operations of every company. When done right, a state-of-the-art conference room, digital signage, and sound masking will make your business stand out from the competition.

For the best experience, make sure you use Certified Technology Designers (CTS) and the right company to set up your AV systems. A good AV company should have experience with industry standards, leading manufacturers, and a proven process to ensure smooth execution.

Ready to find an AV company near you?

If you’re ready to implement some of the solutions outlined above, then choosing the right AV partner is the next step. Check out this article for tips on finding an excellent audiovisual company that fits your needs.

And, if you’re looking for a commercial AV solution in the Denver and Front Range areas, we can help.

At High Country, we have been serving corporate, education, and government clients with outstanding AV solutions for over 15 years. Our service portfolio includes US Army, the City of Denver, Alteryx (an NYSE-listed software company), Ping Identity, MSU of Denver, the United States Airforce, and Jefferson County Public Schools, among many other clients. 

We prioritize client relationships and all installations are performed in-house – meaning no third-party contractors for streamlined communication. The High Country proven process, outstanding communication, and attention to detail keep customers coming back.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and let’s make sure that your next project goes the way it should with an AV company you can trust.

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