The Most Common Services Offered by Audio/Video Companies

Looking for an AV service? Here’s a quick word of advice: Get more specific.

The challenge is that (as we’ve written before) “Audio/Video company” is a broad term; the range of businesses that call themselves AV companies is a wide one. And “AV service” is broad, too – it encompasses a variety of offerings, from home theater installation to commercial network cabling.

In this article, we’ll help you to codify what you’re looking for by listing some of the most commonly requested Audio/Video services and solutions.

These include:

Digital signage

Digital signage uses hardware, software, and dynamic content to communicate a message.

The components of a digital signage solution can vary – you might use a standard television, or you might use a specially designed screen. And there are also a variety of different software platforms that enable content editing.

But, regardless of the specifics, digital is increasingly the signage format of choice for displaying information inside of buildings. It makes changing content much easier.

Distance learning systems

The past few years have seen the proliferation of technologies that empower distance (or remote) learning. Once again, the specifics of solutions vary – options for displays, audio solutions, and software programs abound.

But if you’re an educational institution looking for an AV partner, you’ll want to be sure that the company you choose has experience delivering this service.

Event services

While we don’t do this at High Country, it’s fairly common for Audio/Video companies to offer equipment rentals for events, or even to run equipment during events – think trade show display systems, or audio systems that enable keynote presentations.

Events are an entirely different service offering than AV integration, but some AV companies will do both.


Microphones are one of the most common Audio/Video solutions; in today’s world, every organization needs to be able to record and send audio.

The key value that AV companies provide is to identify the best mics for a given application, and then to effectively integrate them with other system components. It’s a much less pleasant experience to use a mic that has to be adjusted non-stop than it is to use one that works seamlessly.

Network cabling

Many AV integrators also do network cabling. If you’re looking for this service, be sure that the company you choose has expertise in what you’re looking for – there are a variety of network cabling types.

At High Country, we provide structured cabling and fiber optic cabling using RCDD certified network systems.

Sound systems

Technically, mics could be included as part of a sound system – but when most people think of sound systems, they think first of the speakers (and then maybe of the mics and the control panel). The truth is that it all matters, and it all needs to work together.

Again, the key value that audiovisual companies provide is in identifying ideal solutions and integrating them so that all of the components of the system work well together. At High Country, we take pride in delivering concert-status sound that keeps listeners focused on the experience – not on static or feedback.

Sound masking systems

Sound masking systems use ambient background noise that’s been designed to mask human speech or distracting sounds to make buildings seem quieter. They usually include a speaker system that’s strategically placed to make sound levels uniform.

They’re great for offices; they lead to less distractions and allow employees to concentrate more effectively.

Video conferencing set up

Video conferencing is the new normal – but many companies still don’t have ideal video conferencing setups.

There’s a lot that goes into delivering a high-quality video conference experience, from the camera, to the microphone, to the network, to any integrations with existing systems. That’s why it’s helpful to work with installers that have relevant certifications; for example, at High Country, we’re a certified Zoom Room installer.

The bottom line is that working with an Audio/Video company can take your video conference quality from “that looks and sounds awkward” to “ready for primetime.”

Video walls

You could argue that video walls are a form of digital signage, but they’re usually viewed as a distinct subcategory. Video walls are often made up of multiple screens, allowing for large, stunning displays.

Audio/Video companies will be able to design and install these systems in a way that best fits your space.

Wi-Fi design and installation

Finally, some AV companies also provide Wi-Fi design and installation. This can include consulting to determine your network needs, implementing any routers, cable drops, or connectivity equipment, and deploying the network.

At High Country, we do have this capability, thanks to our experts who have spent years in this space.

Looking for Audio/Video services in Denver?

As you search for an AV service, it can be helpful to narrow your focus to the specific solution you’re looking for. Ideally, you can find a partner who has expertise in both your desired service and in your industry.

If you’re looking for a commercial AV company in Denver, we can help.

At High Country, we’ve done work for Alteryx, Hilton, Vail, Aurora Public Schools, the City of Boulder, and the City of Denver, among others. We serve corporate, government, and educational organizations with audio, video, and networking solutions.

You can see a full list of our solutions here. If you’re ready to move forward – or if you want more information on our services – schedule a free consult today.

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