What Does an AV Company Do?

If you Google “AV company,” you’ll get an interesting range of results.

The first listing I got, for example, is a page from Yelp featuring the “Top 10 Best Audio Video Companies in Denver,” which includes everything from commercial AV integrators to ADP dealers to home theater installers.

In other words, it seems like the term “AV company” is somewhat nebulous. If you’re looking for AV service, that’s not helpful. It leads to questions – what, exactly, does an AV company do?

Let’s narrow it down.

Based on our 15+ years of experience in the AV industry, here’s a quick run-through of what an AV company does.

Note that this is not a list of our services at High Country – it’s simply a framework for figuring out what kind of AV company you need. With that said, let’s dive in.

1. Commercial AV design.

One common service that AV companies offer is Audio/Visual design for commercial systems.

AV design is a broad offering in itself. Some companies may use “design” to mean technical documents using CAD; some may simply use the term to refer to a list of recommended equipment. So, if you’re looking for this service, be sure to clarify what the deliverables will be.

In any case, design commonly consists of consulting with businesses to determine what an ideal AV solution looks like, then drafting plans for the implementation of that solution. It typically takes place before the implementation of an AV project.

At High Country, we help Denver-area businesses to visualize ideal AV solutions with highly detailed proposals. If you’re looking for AV design, we can help.

2. Commercial AV installation and integration.

Commercial AV installation and integration are the tactical stages of a project. These services are fairly straightforward – the AV company installs AV systems (including audio and video components), integrates them as needed with existing systems, and ensures that they’re working properly.

One thing to dig into, though, is how the company will be providing installation and integration. Many companies sell projects, then install and integrate using third-party contractors. This can work, but it requires additional communication (between the AV company and its contractors) and it tends to make AV projects less streamlined.

That’s why, at High Country, we perform all of our installation and integration services in-house.

3. Commercial AV support and maintenance.

AV companies also provide services after installation and integration, like maintenance and support.

Maintenance can involve a range of activities, from regular check-ups on equipment to preventative maintenance that minimizes the likelihood of issues, to AVaaS (AVas-a-Service) offerings that make AV as worry-free as possible. Support can range from help-desk availability to on-site assistance.

All of this, of course, is purposed toward keeping your AV systems running smoothly so that your users have an ideal experience.

4. AV equipment rentals.

Another service AV companies commonly provide is equipment rentals. (At High Country, we don’t offer this service.)

Let’s say, for example, that you’re hosting a conference or putting on a trade show – you may need a special projector, a sound system, video equipment, and so on. Since you don’t have that equipment in-house, you can choose to rent it from an AV company for your short-term needs.

Most companies that offer equipment rentals brand themselves as “event companies” and are primarily focused on this, although a few firms offer rentals in addition to installation and integration services.

5. Residential AV

Finally, many AV companies provide residential Audio/Video services. If you’ve had a home theater installed, for example, you likely called a residential AV company to do it.

Increasingly, the lines in the residential space are blurring – that’s why you’ll see companies popping up that do security, HVAC thermostats, smart home technology, and home video, all lumped under the “residential AV” label.

Some companies also offer both residential and commercial AV services. At High Country, we focus exclusively on serving organizations.

Looking for the right AV company?

As you can see, the label “AV company” can mean a wide range of things, which means clarification is important. As you search for an AV partner, be careful to note whether the companies you’re considering have the capabilities that your project needs. Hopefully, the information presented here is helpful as you look for a good fit.

And, if you’re looking for a commercial AV solution, we can help.

At High Country, we’ve been serving the AV needs of Denver organizations for over 15 years. Our service portfolio includes the City of Denver, Alteryx (an NYSE-listed software company), MSU of Denver, and Jefferson County Public Schools, among many other clients.

From design, to installation and integration, to maintenance and support, we can help you to bring your AV vision to life.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation, and let’s make sure that your next project goes the way it should with an AV company you can trust.

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