Smart Buildings – How Can Interconnected Technology Benefit Your Business?

Technology designed to make your life easier goes way beyond the smartphone in your pocket or even the thermostat in your house. Smart buildings have the ability to gather and evaluate data and then automatically act on that data. Interconnected devices throughout a building can lower costs, ease operational headaches, and boost safety features. 

Let’s review what it means to have a smart commercial building and why you should capitalize on this technology.

What makes a building “smart”?

A smart building is a connected building. The connections can be automated and centrally controlled with an IoT framework. IoT is an acronym for the “internet of things” and refers to the connection of hardware and software devices that exchange information over the internet. IoT networks can be applied in various ways across many industries. 

Important infrastructure such as HVAC, water, and security can be digitally centralized using a Building Automation System (BAS) or Building Management System (BMS) resulting in measurable benefits to businesses. 

Some examples of industries using these applications include:

  • Offices and commercial buildings

In a smart commercial building, employees enjoy an ideal workspace with improved collaboration. Hardware and software installed in an office can automate IT security, streamline scheduling, track business assets, and more. IoT applications enable centralized control over the operation of a commercial complex. This includes electricity, heating, water, and more features essential to the operation of the building.

  • Retail

Sensors in retail facilities collect data that influence marketing strategies and product development. Management can maintain stock levels, track return rates, and monitor foot traffic. This insight gives a competitive edge when making strategic decisions.

  • Hospitality

Hotels and public buildings can optimize the comfort level of visitors by adjusting temperature, air quality, and lighting based on IoT applications. The experience of hotel guests can be enhanced with smart door locks and connected speakers. Over time guests will come to expect these amenities. Occupancy sensors increase efficiency for cleaning staff as well as reduce wasted energy on lights, heating, and cooling.

  • Factories & Manufacturing

Safety and efficiency are among the top priorities for the manufacturing industry. A smart ecosystem for factories and warehouses includes the management of machinery, supply chains, and logistics via Industrial IoT (IIoT) networks. Monitoring the performance of machines reduces the risk of malfunction. And, employees can be connected with smart technology to ensure a plant runs smoothly with fewer safety incidents.

What are the benefits of IoT and assistive technology?

Smart building technology is transforming the way our society operates. The capabilities of IoT and integrated devices are increasing rapidly as more and more industries realize the benefits. 

With the right solutions, your organization can:

  • Save energy 

According to the EPA, “30% of energy consumed in commercial and industrial buildings is wasted.” This not only has a significant financial cost, but it also has a major impact on the environment. By monitoring energy usage and automating features to conserve energy, organizations decrease expenses and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   

  • Improve safety 

Every structure benefits from basic safety measures such as smoke, fire, and gas sensors. Smart technology can monitor and automate the maintenance of these essential devices as well as provide additional security tools. Whether dealing with complex machinery or protecting sensitive data, your organization can improve safety and decrease security issues. 

  • Increase productivity and efficiency  

Employees from all industries benefit from comfortable and efficient work environments. Insights from smart technology can reduce time spent on menial tasks, and downtime spent servicing applications so that your team can continue to add value. Automation of everything from HVAC to facility security keeps day-to-day tasks efficient. 

Ready to make your building smart?

Whether starting from the ground up or retrofitting an existing building, it’s important to have a solid plan in place. Creating an entire ecosystem of connected technology is a complex process, but it can be broken down into the following three steps.

  1. Review your goals and requirements.

To get a measurable return on your investment it is critical to define the end goal. With so many options, it is best to start by addressing a specific need and build up as you see the benefits. 

  1. Select the right provider.

A good audiovisual company will assign a project manager to ensure a successful implementation. For best results, choose a Certified Technology Designer with experience in your industry. A local AV provider can give references, share their expertise, and prepare a clear proposal so that you have confidence throughout the project.

  1. Install and maintain the right hardware and software.

Each industry is unique and so is the software and equipment required for your building. Proper installation is essential so that the entire system is connected. Once systems are in place an AV professional should provide documentation so that the ongoing support and maintenance are seamless. 

At High Country, we understand the importance of smart buildings and want to bring your vision to life. You don’t have to be overwhelmed by the IoT framework and complex technologies available for commercial buildings today. Our trusted team will provide top-of-the-line solutions and is happy to answer questions so that your facility is a step ahead of the competition.

We have more than 15 years of experience serving corporate, education, and government clients with commercial AV solutions. Organizations such as Alteryx (a NYSE-listed software company), the City of Denver, the United States Airforce, Jefferson County Public Schools, and leading Denver-area school systems have benefited from our team of audiovisual experts.

We focus on customer service and follow a proven implementation process so that you get outstanding results. All of our work is done in-house so you never have to deal with third-party contractors and we pride ourselves on strong communication with our clients.If you’re ready to learn more about AV solutions for your smart building, schedule a free consultation with our experts. Let us take the complexity out of AV and minimize issues so that you can save time and get on with business.

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