The Top 10 AV Companies in Denver, CO

Looking for an AV company in Denver, Colorado?

We’ve put together this list based on over 15 years of experience serving the audio and video needs of local organizations.

A caveat before we dive in: Keep in mind that there are a variety of AV focus areas, and not every AV company is right for every project or every client.

Some of the companies on this list are large corporations; some are local providers. Some focus solely on residential AV, while others are geared toward commercial service.

But, whatever your AV needs, there’s likely a Denver company that can help.

With that in mind, here’s our overview of the top AV companies in Denver, Colorado.

1. High Country Low Voltage

Yes, we’ve placed ourselves first on this list. That’s because it’s our list(!), and also because we’re fully confident in our ability to serve Denver organizations with Audio/Visual solutions.

At High Country, we serve corporate, government, and educational organizations with audio, video, and networking solutions. We’ve done work for Alteryx, Hilton, Vail, Aurora Public Schools, the City of Boulder, and the City of Denver, among others.

Here’s what sets us apart: When you work with us, you’ll get quick responses to your calls, your projects will be fast and transparent, and you’ll get comprehensive documentation on every system we install, so that you’ll be in total control of your AV.

The bottom line is that your next AV project will go the way it should.

Need AV installation, integration, or support for your Denver organization? Schedule a free consult today and let’s discuss your needs.


LINX is a Colorado-based company that serves clients across the United Sates with network cabling, multimedia systems, and security solutions. In other words, AV is only one of their offerings; they’re especially respected for their work in data center installations.

Here’s how they explain things on their about page:

“LINX is a collection of four independent technology integrators under one roof: structured cabling, multimedia, security and wireless… A workforce of over 640+ FTEs & a nationwide roster of contract labor with the latest certifications have installed over 25,000 data center cabinets since we began in 2003.”

If you need AV solutions in combination with other systems (like cabling for a data center buildout), LINX is a worthwhile option to consider.

3. LVW

LVW is actually headquartered in Colorado Springs, but they serve AV needs around the Denver area, too (and they have an office on Peoria Street). They serve a variety of AV needs with a special focus on security systems.

Here’s how they put it on their about page:

“Founded in 1974, LVW Electronics is a veteran-owned small business that provides advanced electronic systems to customers all over the world… We offer a wide range of technologies and services that include all forms of electronic security, professional and commercial audio, A/V, life safety systems and custom-tailored control systems.”

If you’re searching for a local AV provider with specific expertise in security solutions, LVW may be worth a look.

4. DK Audio Video

DK Audio is another Colorado-Springs-based AV company that also serves the Denver area. They’re most focused on experiential AV (including lighting and music) and have particularly deep expertise helping churches.

They explain their focus this way:

“Our level of expertise has primarily captured the attention of churches… In addition to our church clientele, we also serve restaurants, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, coffee houses, museums, conference centers, jazz lounges, and more.”

The bottom line is that, if you’re a Denver church looking for AV help, DK Audio Video is worth checking out.

5. Spectrum AV

Spectrum AV has served clients throughout the Denver and Loveland areas since 1982. Instead of installation and integration, they’re primarily focused on providing AV services and rental equipment for events.

Here’s how they put it on their homepage:

“We’ve been in the AV equipment and rental business for 35 years because of our detail-oriented approach and dedicated customer service for all of your audio and video production needs. Talk to us anytime you are planning a meeting, presentation, conference, or trade show!”

If you’re considering hosting an AV-heavy event and are looking for service or rental equipment, Spectrum AV is a solid option.

6. Colorado Audio Video

Colorado Audio Video is an aptly named company that, as you might expect, provides a variety of audio and video services to Colorado businesses. Based in Centennial, they do residential AV design and integration as well as commercial projects.

Here’s how they explain their services:

“Colorado Audio/Video is a full service, professional Audio Video design and integration company offering commercial and residential solutions throughout Denver and greater Colorado.”

If you’re looking for a local AV integrator with a wide range of service offerings, Colorado Audio Video is worth looking into.

7. Denver Sight & Sound

Denver Sight & Sound, on the other hand, is specifically focused on residential AV – and, even more specifically, they’re built for home theater and TV mounting projects. The family-owned business is based in Castle Pines, Colorado.

Here’s how they put things on their about page:

“TJ and Troy will stop at nothing to make sure that you are given the best service at an incredible value for all your home audio and video needs… Whether you want a basic TV mounted with the wires and cables hidden to a full-blown state of the art Home theater, the brothers of Denver Sight and Sound will be here to help bring your desires to life.”

Local homeowners: When you want to install a home theater system, Denver Sight & Sound is worth a call.


CEAVCO is another event-focused AV company. Headquartered in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, the company was founded over 50 years ago by Jack Emerson, who passed it on to his son, Matt.

Here’s how their website explains the services they offer:

“CEAVCO provides video, audio, lighting, staging, and creative services solutions for meetings and events nationwide. For more than 50 years, our highly skilled team has created exceptional event experiences by providing creative and technical expertise, guidance, and extraordinary service.”

If you’re considering putting on an event in the Denver area and are looking for creative and technical help, CEAVCO is a service provider to consider.


AVI-SPL, on the other hand, is not really a local company – rather, they’re a global company (headquartered in Tampa) with offices all over the country, including one in Denver. As a large firm, they offer a full suite of AV services.

Here’s how they put it on their Denver location page:

“AVI-SPL’s Denver office has been supporting Colorado business, government and community organizations since opening in 2004. As a full-service team, we provide the complete integration and project management of systems, training and maintenance.”

If you want the experience of working with a corporate AV company, AVI-SPL may be worth a look.

10. Golden Audiovisual

Finally, let’s cap things off with Golden Audiovisual, an AV company on Albion St. in Denver. The firm is geared for residential AV, with a special focus on smart home technologies.

Here’s how they explain things on their about page:

“We make smart homes for less! Utilizing today’s latest technologies such as Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Radio Frequency, and Bluetooth we can integrate your control of your homes HVAC Thermostats, Door Locks, Lighting Indoor/Outdoor, Multi-Room Streaming Digital Audio, Video Doorbells, Intercom, Security and Surveillance Cameras all into one easy to use app!”

If you’re looking to turn your Denver residence into a smart home, this is a prime AV company to consider for the project.

Ready to choose an AV company that’ll make your next project go the way it should?

The above list should give you plenty of options for filling your AV needs. Here’s to finding the right fit!

And, again, if you’re searching for organizational AV installation, integration, or support in the Denver area, we’re confident that we can help.

Schedule a free consultation with our team today, and let’s bring your AV vision to life.

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