Urban Putt – Denver, CO AV Installation


This was a very cool AV installation project and will be one of Denver’s great places to visit. We were lucky enough to win the bid for A/V at this location and it was a challenging and rewarding project. Working in such a historic building we had to pay close attention to aesthetics, carefully placing wire runs, speakers, displays. The staff at Urban Putt could not have been better to work with and the architect was extremely helpful in visualizing the finished project while still in construction. All Design and Renderings by Roth Sheppard Architects of Denver, CO.

This system utilizes 5 zones of audio, 5 zones of video, and HD Cameras throughout. The course audio consists of 16 speakers carefully situated around the indoor golf course to offer unique ambient music for each hole. The audio in the bar and dining areas is broken into two zones. The second zone or the party rooms can be sectioned off and used for meeting areas or parties. With huge projection screens in each area and separate audio feeds the sky is the limit for what can be done in these areas. Next we have the old trolley car that has been in this building since who knows when, this car has a built in display for private parties or small groups watching the game. And lastly the bar, with an amazing backdrop we did very little here as to not distract from the craftsmanship of the back bar, but situated a nice little monitor to the side for the fans sitting at the bar. And for those who would like a better view, just turn around and check out the huge display on the green grass wall with it’s audio feed piped into the speakers this will be a great place for all.

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