Adams County Human Services A/V Upgrades


High Country Low Voltage (HCLV) undertook a comprehensive project in close collaboration with Adams County to revamp and modernize the entire suite of conference facilities at the Human Services Center in Westminster, Colorado. This ambitious upgrade initiative encompassed a diverse array of meeting spaces, catering to various needs and sizes, ranging from small huddle rooms equipped with video soundbars to a vast, divisible space situated within the conference center itself. The project involved a judicious selection of cutting-edge technologies and products, including the Qsys control system, Logitech Rally Bars, Biamp Room Kits, and a substantial number of new displays and projectors. Furthermore, meticulous planning and coordination with the facility management were key aspects of the project to ensure a seamless transition without causing any disruption to the center’s daily operations.

Scope of Work

The core objective of this upgrade was to transform the Human Services Center into a hub of modern communication and collaboration. To achieve this, HCLV began by strategically integrating the Qsys control system. This advanced control platform serves as the central nervous system for managing all audio-visual components within the facility. The Qsys system’s intuitive interface empowers users to effortlessly control and adjust various elements, including audio levels, display configurations, and source selection. This user-friendly control not only simplifies the operation of the technology but also enhances the overall user experience, ensuring that meetings and conferences run smoothly.

In addition to the Qsys control system, HCLV incorporated Logitech Rally Bars into the upgraded conference rooms. These innovative devices combine exceptional audio and video capabilities, making them ideal for creating immersive meeting experiences. With Logitech Rally Bars in place, participants can enjoy crystal-clear audio and high-resolution video, even in large divisible spaces. This ensures that remote attendees can engage in discussions and presentations with the same level of clarity and engagement as those present in the room.

To further enhance audio quality and conferencing capabilities, Biamp Room Kits were integrated into select meeting spaces. These kits are designed to optimize the audio experience by providing advanced microphone and speaker solutions. The result is clear and natural sound, allowing for seamless communication during meetings and conferences. By selecting the appropriate Biamp Room Kits for specific rooms, Adams County ensured that each space was equipped with the right audio tools to meet its unique needs.

The upgrades also extended to the visual components within the conference facilities. A significant number of new displays and projectors were installed to enhance visual presentations and content sharing. These displays and projectors are equipped with high-resolution capabilities, ensuring that every detail in presentations, documents, and multimedia content is presented with stunning clarity. Whether it’s a critical boardroom meeting or a training session, the upgraded visual components create a dynamic and engaging environment for all attendees.

An essential aspect of this project was the meticulous planning and coordination to minimize disruption. HCLV worked closely with the facility management to schedule installations that would not interfere with the center’s ongoing operations. This approach ensured that there was no downtime during the installation process, allowing Adams County to continue its critical work without interruption.


In conclusion, High Country Low Voltage’s collaboration with Adams County resulted in a comprehensive upgrade of their conference facilities at the Human Services Center. The incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, including the Qsys control system, Logitech Rally Bars, Biamp Room Kits, and new displays and projectors, has elevated the center’s capabilities, making it a modern and efficient hub for communication and collaboration. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that empower organizations to thrive in today’s dynamic work environment, where seamless communication and collaboration are essential for success.

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