Metropolitan State University of Denver Brewing Lab A/V Install


High Country Low Voltage (HCLV) collaborated closely with the client to embark on an audiovisual upgrade project that aimed to enhance the capabilities of both the HLC Brewing Classroom and HLC Brewing Bar. The objective was to create immersive and user-friendly audiovisual environments in these spaces, and here is a detailed breakdown of our scope of work.

Scope of Work

HLC Brewing Classroom: In the HLC Brewing Classroom, we began by installing a large LG UH5F-H TV securely mounted on the wall. To achieve this, we utilized a Peerless SF650P mounting bracket to ensure stability and positioning. Behind the TV, we discreetly mounted an Atlona HDMI Receiver, which plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality audio and video.

For user-friendly control and convenience, we integrated an Atlona HDVS 210 HDMI transmitter wall plate, positioned at 18 inches above the finished floor (AFF), directly below the TV. This transmitter enables seamless content sharing and distribution within the classroom. To provide intuitive control over the audiovisual components, we mounted a Qsys 7-inch Touch Panel at 48 inches AFF, directly below the TV. This touch panel allows users to manage various aspects of the AV setup effortlessly.

To ensure optimal audio coverage and quality within the classroom, we strategically integrated four in-ceiling speakers. These speakers deliver clear and immersive sound, enhancing the overall learning and presentation experience. Additionally, we installed two in-ceiling speakers, further enhancing audio quality and ensuring that every corner of the classroom is covered effectively.

HLC Brewing Bar: Within the HLC Brewing Bar, we replicated the approach to elevate the audiovisual experience. We installed an LG UH5F-H TV on the wall, securing it with a Peerless SF650P mounting bracket to ensure stability. Similar to the classroom, we concealed an Atlona HDMI Receiver behind the TV to facilitate seamless audio and video functionality.

To enable intuitive control in the bar area, we placed a Qsys 5-inch Touch Panel on a shelf, ensuring it was easily accessible to users. This control panel simplifies the operation of the audiovisual equipment, enhancing the overall experience for patrons.

To deliver immersive audio within the bar area, we mounted two surface-mounted speakers above the bar. These speakers provide clear and dynamic sound, enhancing the atmosphere and entertainment value of the space.

AV Rack Location: To ensure a well-organized and efficient setup, we constructed a dedicated AV rack. This rack served as the central hub for housing and managing all the audiovisual equipment. Neat cable management and clear labeling of all wiring were essential components of this setup, ensuring that the system was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Cabling: Our team was responsible for supplying and running all the cabling required for the project. To meet the project’s technical requirements, we utilized shielded Cat6A cables for HDBaseT runs and Cat6 cables for all AV network runs. All cabling met plenum rating requirements and adhered to local building codes, guaranteeing the safety and compliance of the installation.

Programming and Configuration: It’s important to note that the programming and configuration of the installed equipment were not part of our scope of work. This responsibility fell under the purview of MSU Denver staff. However, we collaborated closely with their team to thoroughly test the room after the installation and programming were completed. This quality assurance step ensured that all systems functioned seamlessly and met the project’s objectives.


In summary, this comprehensive audiovisual project involved the installation and integration of a range of equipment and components in the HLC Brewing Classroom and HLC Brewing Bar. The goal was to create immersive and user-friendly environments, and meticulous attention was paid to cable management and organization. While we did not handle programming, our collaboration with MSU Denver staff ensured the successful implementation and testing of the systems, ultimately delivering outstanding audiovisual experiences in these spaces.

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