City of Loveland Council Chambers A/V Upgrades


High Country Low Voltage (HCLV) was brought on by the City of Loveland to embark on a comprehensive endeavor to modernize and elevate the Council Chambers and Broadcasting facilities. This transformative project marked a significant milestone in the city’s commitment to fostering effective governance, communication, and community engagement. Below, we delve into the intricate details of this ambitious undertaking, driven by cutting-edge AV over IP technology and innovative solutions.

Scope of Work

Project Scope and Objectives:

The core objective of this project was to revamp the Council Chambers and Broadcasting facilities, bringing them up to the highest contemporary standards in audiovisual technology and user experience. The City of Loveland sought to create a dynamic, adaptable, and user-friendly environment that would accommodate both in-person and hybrid meetings seamlessly.

Key Technological Components:

  1. AV over IP with Crestron NVX: The backbone of this project was the implementation of AV over IP technology, powered by Crestron NVX. This cutting-edge technology enabled the distribution of audio and video signals across the Council Chambers and Broadcasting facilities using the existing network infrastructure. This approach offered exceptional flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in managing and delivering AV content.
  2. Biamp Audio Solutions: To ensure crystal-clear audio quality and intelligibility, HCLV integrated Biamp audio solutions into the system. Biamp is renowned for its high-performance audio equipment, and its inclusion in this project was instrumental in delivering pristine audio for meetings and broadcasts.
  3. Samsung Commercial Monitors and 2×2 Video Wall: The visual centerpiece of the project included the deployment of multiple Samsung commercial monitors strategically positioned within the Council Chambers. Notably, a large free-hanging 2×2 video wall was installed, offering a visually stunning canvas for displaying critical content, presentations, and live broadcasts. These high-quality monitors and the video wall significantly enhanced the visual impact of meetings and presentations, ensuring that every detail was presented with exceptional clarity and vibrancy.

Functional Advancements:

The transformation of the Council Chambers and Broadcasting facilities brought about several functional advancements:

  • Hybrid Meeting Capabilities: The project’s comprehensive AV infrastructure facilitated seamless hybrid meetings. Whether participants were attending in person or remotely, the consistent AV experience ensured that everyone could engage fully in the proceedings. This was particularly relevant in an era where remote and hybrid work models have become increasingly common.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: The AV over IP technology implemented with Crestron NVX allowed for scalability and adaptability. The system could easily accommodate changes in meeting size, configuration, and requirements. This adaptability ensured that the City of Loveland’s investment would continue to serve its evolving needs for years to come.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The user experience was a top priority in this project. HCLV designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allowed both staff and elected officials to manage AV equipment with ease. This streamlined interface minimized the learning curve and maximized productivity during meetings.


In conclusion, HCLV’s collaboration with the City of Loveland resulted in the creation of a Council Chambers and Broadcasting facility that seamlessly integrated cutting-edge AV technology with user-centric design. The project exemplified our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower municipalities to conduct efficient, engaging, and transparent governance. The deployment of AV over IP with Crestron NVX, Biamp audio solutions, and Samsung commercial monitors elevated the City’s capabilities to new heights, ensuring that their Council Chambers and Broadcasting facilities would continue to serve as a model of excellence for years to come.

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