Platte Valley Bank ZoomRoom Upgrades


Under this contract, HCLV updated all the PVS bank conference rooms to ZoomRooms with updated AV technology across all branches. Included in this project were some larger boardrooms, training rooms, and divisible spaces that were updated to a single platform and user interface to ensure ease of use for all employees across all branches. 

HCLV undertook a comprehensive contract to revamp the audiovisual (AV) infrastructure in PVS bank’s conference rooms across multiple branches. This ambitious project aimed to modernize the meeting spaces and elevate them to the next level by transforming them into cutting-edge ZoomRooms equipped with the latest AV technology.

Scope of Work:

One of the key facets of this project involved updating the conference rooms in all PVS bank branches. This encompassed standard meeting spaces as well as more sizable boardrooms and specialized training rooms.

A central objective of the project was the seamless integration of ZoomRooms, which ensured a consistent and user-friendly experience for employees across all branches. This integration involved various AV components, such as video conferencing systems, audio solutions, and intuitive control interfaces.

The project also focused on enhancing the larger boardrooms within the bank. These spaces were equipped with state-of-the-art AV technology to facilitate high-quality video conferences and presentations, making them essential hubs for decision-making and collaboration.

Furthermore, HCLV directed its attention towards upgrading training rooms. These spaces received comprehensive overhauls to ensure they were equipped with the necessary AV technology to deliver effective training sessions. Enhancements included audio improvements, large displays, and interactive features.

To maximize space utilization, HCLV transformed divisible spaces into unified areas with a single platform and user interface. This innovative approach allowed for flexible configurations while maintaining an intuitive user experience for all employees.

Client Satisfaction:

The Director of IT at PVS bank, Quintin Zabel, expressed high satisfaction with the project’s outcome, stating, “Very happy with the end result. Thanks for all your help with this.” This positive feedback underscores the success of HCLV’s efforts in delivering a comprehensive and efficient AV solution that met PVS bank’s needs and expectations.

Incorporating innovative AV technology and standardizing the user interface across branches, HCLV’s work on this project not only improved the quality of meetings and collaborations but also streamlined the user experience for all employees. The transformation of PVS bank’s conference rooms into modern, efficient spaces demonstrates HCLV’s commitment to delivering high-quality AV solutions that drive productivity and client satisfaction.

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