CBRE Denver Conference Center AV Upgrade


High Country Low Voltage (HCLV) took on a significant project aimed at revitalizing the aging infrastructure of the CBRE Conference Center in the bustling heart of downtown Denver, Colorado. This ambitious upgrade project not only breathed new life into the facility but also transformed it into a cutting-edge hub for meetings, conferences, and events that seamlessly combine flexibility, ease of use, and exceptional audio-visual quality.

Scope of Work

The cornerstone of this transformation was the implementation of a range of advanced technologies. To enhance the visual experience, HCLV installed state-of-the-art projectors, offering vivid and immersive presentations. These projectors are capable of delivering high-resolution visuals that captivate and engage audiences, ensuring that every detail in presentations, slideshows, and videos is showcased with precision and clarity.

One of the standout features of this upgrade is the incorporation of Video over IP technology. This forward-looking approach allows for seamless transmission of video signals over the network, providing flexibility and scalability in managing multiple sources and destinations. It empowers users to access and share content from various devices and locations, making it easier than ever to collaborate and communicate effectively.

The integration of the Qsys Control system further enhances the user experience within the CBRE Conference Center. This sophisticated control system acts as the central hub for managing all audio-visual components, creating a unified and intuitive interface that allows users to effortlessly adjust settings, configure displays, and control audio levels. The result is a seamless and user-friendly environment where anyone can confidently navigate and operate the technology.

For wireless content sharing and collaboration, HCLV introduced the Barco Clickshare system. This innovative solution enables users to initiate wireless video conferences directly from their laptops with a few simple clicks. It eliminates the need for cumbersome cables and connectors, providing a hassle-free experience for presenters and attendees alike. With excellent audio and video quality, the CBRE Conference Center now offers a platform where participants can engage in virtual meetings with confidence.

One of the most impressive aspects of this upgrade is the adaptability and scalability it offers. The divisible rooms within the center provide the flexibility to accommodate different-sized gatherings. Users can easily expand the space by opening the air walls, creating a unified area large enough to host up to 150 people. This expansive setup includes multiple presentations, cameras, microphones, and screens, ensuring that even in a vast space, every participant can see and hear with exceptional clarity.


In conclusion, High Country Low Voltage’s collaboration with the CBRE Conference Center has resulted in a remarkable transformation. The incorporation of advanced projectors, Video over IP, the Qsys Control system, and Barco Clickshare technology has elevated the center’s capabilities, making it a go-to destination for seamless and high-quality meetings, conferences, and events. This project showcases our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower organizations to thrive in the modern business landscape, where flexibility, ease of use, and outstanding audio-visual quality are essential for success.

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